Hangar 37 Airsoft Battlefield

Unlike paintball, the balls do not leave stains, do little damage and are more accurate. In addition, the paintball scenarios are very simple in comparison to Hangar 37, which is the largest airsoft battlefield in Europe at over 4,000 square feet. It has the capacity to host 80 players simultaneously, divided into two teams.

Become the protagonist of your own battle. You’re not in your living room watching a war film or playing Call of Duty. Now you’re playing real games, in which either your team wins or your rivals win, or they eliminate you or your shots hit them.
Excitement, fun, camaraderie and plenty of adrenaline will be part of every battle.
It’s crucial to work as a team since you only have 10 minutes (the duration of each battle) for you and your team to win.
You’ll set out to play equipped with battle fatigues, a vest, a mask, a G&G replica of an AK47 and ammunition of 360 balls, although you can buy more ammunition if you wish. You don’t pay per game, only for ammunition, so you will be able to play many games as long as your supply of ammunition lasts.