Imagine walking surrounded by incredible marine life… zero-gravity that’s Sea TREK. Experience the excitement of exploring the ocean and all its wonders without devoting valuable time out of your vacation to specialized training.

IDEAL for those eight years and older, Sea TREK is the main system of diving helmet in the world, developed by Sub Sea Systems, a world leader in aquatic activities for tourism.

Live the experience of the seabed while you give a ride to 5 meters of depth. Discover the diversity of life marina, from the simplest way you would ever have imagined.
You will only need a small formation of 15 minutes and eager to experience and participate in a natural aquarium.
Walk for 25 minutes with complete safety by the bottom of the sea. During the tour, a guide and a diver will accompany you at all times.
Feel like a real astronaut visiting the moon. Enjoy the feeling of weightlessness and the impressive vision that gives you the helmet manufactured with the most advanced technology.